Quake Champions Beta Sign up

Hello Quake fans. Bethesda and id Software are spoiling us with a bunch of trailers about the upcoming Quake Champions. The last one is Blood Covenant, this map is the old The Camping Grounds from Quake 3. You can sign up for the beta HERE .


In the beta version you can chose to play with 8 different champions on 2 arenas (Blood Covenant or Ruins of Sarnath). From the trailer you will certainly recognize the old guns from Quake 3 like: Railgun, Rocket Launcher or  Super Nailgun. The game is using id Tech 6 engine, the one from Doom. We should expect some extraordinary gameplay at 120 fps.

Here is the trailer from the Blood Covenant:

Middle-earth: Shadow of War release date and specs

The rumors are true, Middle-earth: Shadow of War will launch this year. The next Middle-earth game will have Talion and Celebrimbor working against Sauron. The game will use the new Nemesis system. Below i will tell you all the news about this game.

All we have until now is the the trailer and we can see a lot in there. For example, we can see some potential locations like a city of Men or the eerie green halls of Minas Morgul.

The game is set to go out on August 22, 2017 in the US and on August 25, 2017 in the UK. The action takes place between The Hobbit and The Fellowship of the Ring and you will face Souron himself. Off course you won’t defeat him for good but you will try to mess up his plans. The Nemesis system that gave birth to the first game is now improved and the world will be shaped by your actions. In other words all what you do will change the game, something like a butterfly effect.

The game is not out yet but we already know that it will have 2 DLCs: The Blade of Galadriel and The Desolation of Mordor. If you want to know how the gameplay will look like, take a look at the gameplay trailer and see for yourself. We were definitely impressed.

Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 TI specs and release date

Are you an owner of any Nvidia product? If yes I have a great news for you, but first let me introduce you the latest graphic board from Nvidia.

The new GeForce GTX 1080 TI is built with the Pascal architecture. What does this mean? It means that it includes 3.584 NVIDIA CUDA nucleus, it has 11GB buffer frames and it runs with 11Gbps.

It was tested on Ashes of the Singularity, The Division, Battlefield 1, Crysis 3 și Doom 4. The results were next: it is better with 35% that the previous GTX 1080 and with 78% than GTX 1070. That is pretty impressive in my opinion. This board is even better than NVIDIA TITAN X Pascal. If you want to read more about the specs click here.

It is time to tell you about the good news I was talking about. So Nvidia gives away 108 GeFroce GTX 1080 TI, all you have to do is to download GeFroce Experience 3.0 and register. To see if you are eligible to register go here.

Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080TI will be out on 10 March and will cost 699$.

War Robots Triche – Guide pour Or et Argent illimité

Qui n’aime pas les robots ? Puisque nous étions sortes nous avons toujours voulu avoir un robot juste pour nous, de suivre nos commandes et de lutter contred’autres. Tout cela est désormais possible avec War Robots. Dans cette troisième personne shooter, vous contrôler un robot géant et combattre d’autres joueurs en ligne. Vous pouvez aussi la jouer en mode solo.

En tout cas, l’attraction principale sont les batailles en ligne en temps réel. Joueur est affecté de manière aléatoire avec un autre 5 joueurs de l’équipe et se battre avec une autre équipe de 6 jusqu’à 10 minutes. L’objectif est de capturer et occupent des postes de stratégie différente. Les joueurs devront choisir entre différents robots. Ilexiste trois catégories : légers, moyens et lourds. Tous les robots peuvent être modernisés et équipés de certaines armes (mitrailleuses, canons, roquettes ou missiles guidés).

Les principales devises du jeu sont argent et or. Ils peuvent être gagnés par le biais de batailles ou en remplissant les objectifs. Vous dépenserez l’argent pour acheter et mettre à jour presque tous les robots et les armes. Mais certaines armes et les robots ne peuvent être achetés avec de l’or. Joueurs peuvent uniquement mettre à niveau un robot ou une arme à la fois, mais vous pouvez accélérer le processus avec l’or.

Dans l’ensemble, vous aurez besoin de beaucoup d’or et d’argent d’acheter ou de mettre à jour les robots et cela peut être un problème pour les nouveaux joueurs. Ci-dessous, je vais vous montrer une façon vous pouvez obtenir l’or gratuit sur la War Robots.

Comment tricher sur War Robots ?

Si vous voulez tricher War Robots et obtenir l’or et l’argent gratuit, vous devez continuer à lire ci-dessous. Le nouveau War Robots générateur d’or vous permettra d’ajouter l’or et l’argent illimité dans votre jeu. Vous n’avez pas à vous soucier plus de la façon dont vous dépensez vos ressources. Maintenant vous pouvez acheter quelque robot souhaitée, mettre à jour quelque robot vous voulez et réduit le temps de mise à niveau à 0. Il est très facile, lisez ci-dessous pour en savoir plus.

War Robots Or gratuit

Tout que vous devez faire est d’utiliser le générateur, et il fera toutes les choses pour vous. Cliquez sur le bouton rouge ci-dessus et vous serez redirigé vers la page. Insérez votre nom d’utilisateur ou e-mail associée à votre compte, sélectionnez la quantité de ressources vous voulez et attendez que l’or et l’argent à ajouter. Assez étonnant. Non ?
Vous pouvez utiliser ce War Robots générateur d’or tous les jours et ajouter or gratuit au jeu.

Revue :

Dans l’ensemble le jeu est amusant de jouer avec des batailles de robot énergique, mais il a quelques petites choses qui peuvent être améliorés à l’avenir :
-les graphiques peuvent être mis à niveau ;
-joueur ont la capacité de respawn robots ;
-les numéros du joueur peuvent être augmentées de 6 pour chaque équipe à 12 ;
vous peuvent ajouter plus de robots et d’armes.

Hearthstone expansion – Journey to Un’Goro

Hello friends, I am back again with a great news for you. The next Hearthstone expansion has just been announced and it is called Journey to Un’Goro. The Un’Goro is some kind of zone filled with elementals and dinosaurs. The expansion seems pretty interesting and we know already a few cards. The few cards were shown to us just to see and understand how the new mechanics are working.

First card revealed was Volcano. This is a Shaman boar clear card and should be pretty good against small and numerous minions, or minions that respawns. This seems like a fun card to play.

The second card revealed was Verdant Longneck. This is a beast card that introduces the new feature “Adapt”. This new features introduces the possibility to choose between 10 abilities (eg. windfury, divine shield etc.)

Pyros is the new Legendary Mage minions. His may ability is that it respawns and returns to your hand stronger. So we got a 2/2 then 6/6 and in the end a 10/10. This card might work in control decks. Another aspect of the card is that it is an Elemental card so we might be able to make an Elemental deck later and we surely will include this card too.


The most interesting card is the new quest card. Blizzard said that each class is going to have a quest card. These new type of card is a spell that cost 1 mana so you can play it early and complete the quest until the end. After you complete the quest you will be rewarded with a powerful card for example at priest you will get Amara, Warden of Hope that will set your hero’s health to 40. Seems pretty strong to me. I can’t wait to see the other classes rewards.

Journey to Un’Goro will be released early April just when the Year of the Mammoth will begin. Until then let’s watch the release trailer.

Injustice 2: Swamp Thing

Injustice 2 will be available on 16.05.2017 until then, to keep us entertained, the producers are revealing new characters. Latest revealed is Swamp Thing.

Injustice 2 will have a large collection of superheroes, from Batman, Superman to Atrocitus or Supergirl.

The game continues the story from the first game of the series. Here, Batman and his allies are trying to rebuild what was destroyed in the first part, but a new danger will appear.

The great improvement that the producers mad is the possibility to customize the characters. In game you will be rewarded with loot boxes that will allow you to change the aspect of your characters.

Until its launch you can preorder the game here

Hearthstone – Year of the Mammoth

Hello friend. In Hearthstone 2017 represents the end of the Year of the Kraken and beginning of the year of the Mammoth. This year will bring new great things. We should expect some new content and a lot of new cards, new ways to play especially with friends and many more.

In 2017 approximatively 130 new cards will be added in the first expansion of the year, 130 in the middle and another 130 at the end. All the cards will have to be bought, so there is no reward. Sad news!

Another interesting mod will be the single player. This mod will help players understand the origin of different classes and know their story.

Daily login reward will be introduced to the game, so a few weeks before the release of the next expansion if you login to the game you get rewarded with gold, dust and cards. But remember this is until the expansion is out.

New hero will join the game. Maiev Shadowsong will be the new rogue hero. You can acquire the new hero just by winning 10 games after the expansion is out.

This is just a few things that the developers told us. More is to come so stay tuned!

Mass Effect Andromeda release date

During today we got a good news from the Bioware chef director Aaryn Flynn. The game Mass Effect: Andromeda will be released between 21-23 March and it will be available on all major platforms (PC, PS4 and Xbox One).

The game will feature new characters, new stories, new planets and new alien species. The game uses the new Frostbite TM engine and it look great, you can see that here.

In this action RPG you will control the character Scott Ryder or Sara Ryder, you will be able to explore the galaxy, different planets and much more.

For those who played the older games, this action is taking place after 600 years from the first events on the Andromeda Galaxy.

For those of you who didn’t know, Mass Effect 2 is free to download on Origin.

Pokemon Go update !

Great news for Pokemon Go players, Niantic has announced that Chikorita, Cyndaquil, Totodile and many more pokemons will be added to the game with the next update. In total will be 80 new pokemons to catch that were only available to old games like Pokémon Gold and Pokémon Silver.

New items are also added to the game like Berries that will slow the pokemons down or will double your candy on the next try.

All of these and many more will revive this great game.

For Honor breaks new records

It seems that Ubisoft has made another great game when we talk about For Honor. The two beta sessions have gathered over 6 million players on all platforms. The massive interest was because Ubisoft released a lot of beta keys. On PC 1.8 million players made the game to be the biggest beta test on this platform. Most of the reviews are positive and this means that For Honor will break some records this year.

To see the interest people have manifest on this game we take a look at twitch, where For Honor has taken the 3rd spot over well-known Hearthstone.

For Honor is available on PC,Xbox One and PS4. You can play it online but it contains a single player campaign. Below you can see a short gameplay.