Est-il possible Pirater un compte Instagram?

Je tiens à vous remercier tous pour toutes les bonnes pensées que vous nous envoyez concernant l’article de Maria “Est-il possible Pirater un compte Snapchat?“. Je vous assure qu’elle a lu tous les messages. Depuis que je vous ai tellement aimé, j’ai décidé d’essayer ma chance et de vous donner quelque chose de similaire. Je sais que beaucoup d’entre vous utilisent Instagram et je vais essayer de découvrir aujourd’hui si “est-il possible Pirater un compte Instagram”. Nous allons découvrir.

Comme beaucoup d’entre vous, j’utilise Instagram pendant un certain temps, et tous mes amis le font. J’étais curieux si je pouvais regarder un autre compte. Je commence à chercher sur Google, mais il y avait beaucoup de sites faux, en essayé quelques-uns mais ils n’ont pas fonctionné. Ensuite, j’ai décidé d’aller plus loin et j’ai essayé quelques forums que j’ai utilisés dans le passé. Personne ne semble savoir Hot pour pirater un compte Instagram. J’ai décidé de le laisser et essayer d’autres fois depuis que j’étais fatigué. Au bout de 3 jours, j’ai recommencé à rechercher et à tester d’autres sites. Même résultat, rien n’a fonctionné. Mais j’ai eu de la chance à la fin. J’ai trouvé une publication sur reddit où quelqu’un partageait son voyage pour savoir si vous pouvez pirater un compte Instagram. À la fin de l’histoire, ils ont partagé le lien. Je l’ai testé et le site était réel, il a vraiment fait le travail. Assez étrange pour moi que je ne pouvais pas le trouver sur la recherche normale.

J’étais un peu déçu parce que je ne trouvais rien d’étrange ou drôle sur le compte de mes amis. Mais je suis heureux de pouvoir partager cela avec vous. La réponse pour vous est Oui. Vous pouvez pirater un compte Instagram.
Comme je vous l’ai dit pour moi, ce n’est pas si important pour le moment, mais pour ceux d’entre vous qui ont une petite amie ou qui veulent voir les photos d’une certaine fille, ce site est très utile. Les parents peuvent aussi l’utiliser s’ils veulent vérifier leur enfant. En fin de compte, je veux avertir ceux qui souhaitent vérifier leur copine ou leur petit ami que vous ne voudrez peut-être pas ce que vous verrez. Alors pensez deux fois avant de le faire.
Si j’ai aimé mon article ou si vous voulez que je trouve d’autres choses pour vous, laissez un commentaire ci-dessous et je vais essayer de vous aider.

Un’Goro tips and tricks

After the crazy period with the launch of the Un’Goro, things have settle up a little. Below I am going to show you a few things that might help you in your journey thru Un’Goro.

All famous streamers have made their own decks and i will show you some of the best ones.

Trump has made a really nice handlock deck you can see it here: Un’Goro Handlock 1.2

Amaz has also made a nice murloc quest deck: UNITE THE MURLOCS

The new priest deck from Thijsnl is great, check it here: UN’GORO INNER FIRE SILENCE PRIEST

This are just a few decks; you can inspire from them when you make your deck.

Secret words for managing your card collection

That is right, new words to enter in the search field. Do you have an extra golden card that you don’t want because you already have the normal ones? Just write “EXTRA” in the search field and you will see all the cards that matched the above criteria.

If you type “MISSING” the game will display you cards that you don’t have two copies.

Another cool trick that you probably didn’t knew is the eruption of the volcano from the Un’Goro gameboard. It turned out that there is a little secret on the latest gameboard, you can make the volcano erupt if you hit the exact combination of sounds. Check below to see how it works.

In the end I want to show you how you can win free card packs with Hearthstone Collegiate National Champs.

During the live finals of the event (22 and 23 April) you can choose a team that you think will win. If you are correct you can get three Mean Streets of Gadgetzan packs. If you are present at the event, you can get the Dalaran Flame card back just with your ticket.

Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War III Open Beta

Hello Warhammer fans, I have a good news for you. Relic Entertainment has just announced that between 21 and 24 April you can sign up for the Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War III Open Beta. Click here to sigh up.

So, if you want to see what you will get in this Open beta check their site here. Anyway the game will allow you to play with three factions (Space Marines, Eldar, and Orks). You can play 1v1, 2v2 or 3v3 and you get to choose from three maps.

The game will be available for PC on 27 April. Check the video below to see the amazing gameplay.

Gangstar New Orleans Finally Out

After a long time of waiting Gangstar New Orleans was officially released by Gameloft. The game was in soft launch for more than five months and people have complained for this long time of waiting. Today the game was released for all platforms(you can check the links below). Anyway it seems that Android users still getting that “Device not compatible error”. This might trigger another wave of unhappy players that might have to endure another delay.

In a recent Twitter post Gameloft team said that is working on solving the problem. Let’s hope they do it quickly.

Download links:


Android –

Windows –


Journey to Un’Goro Card Presentation

Hello friends and welcome back. As i already told you the next expansion for Heartstone will be Journey to Un’Goro. Until now a lot of cards have been revealed and i want to tell you my opinion about each one.

Explore Un’Goro

 Discover a card is just 1 mana discover a card spell, we know it from a previous Tavern brawl. You can generally get some good class cards in those spells. It is not as bad as it seems because you can choose between 3 cards the one you keep and you can build a strategy for the late game. The card seem kind of fun and in the arena spells are pretty good, i think it will give you a very heavy deck.

Tortollan Shellraiser

 A priest card with taunt and deathrattle is a very good card for the new quest thing, it helps you get there. Once again the priest gets some strong and overstated minion. Obviously the card is pretty good in deck and the arena.

Lakkari Sacrifice

  The warlock quest card is very powerful in my opinion because it gives you the Nether Portal spell. If you didn’t see how the Nether Portal works you can check it here. Practically the portal will summon 3/2 imps at the end of every turn.

Lakkari Felhound

 This card is actually related to the last one, it will help you with the discard quest. The card is pretty powerful but not like Doom Guard. On zoo decks if you play this card and you don’t discard nothing will be pretty impressive. We will see, i think it will be a flexible card that will be played in many decks.


 The card is simply crazy if you have a deck with just a few secrets, and at one point you want to draw a specific one. For eg. you are playing freezing mage and need the Ice block card on late game. This might save your game. This card will be a little problematic on the arena but we will see it in play.

Elise the Trailblazer

  The new Elise card will give you a sealed Un’Goro pack. Let’s clear this you won’t actually get a real pack to keep the cards. It is a 2 mana spell that when you play it, it opens a pack full with Un’Goro cards. You get a bunch of random cards, it can be different classes. Every control deck i think it will have it but it might be a little unforeseeable. If you want to see how the things work check here .

Golakka Crawler

  This  card is not bad, if your opponent has a pirate you can get a 2 mana 3/4 with removal effect. Lately we see a lot of pirate decks and this might come in handy. But once the new expansion is release the things might change and this card to be a bad 2 drop. In arena will be ok but in constructed not cool.We will see.

Tar Creeper

  A 3 mana 1/5 elemental with taunt that has 3 atack on your opponent turn. This seems very good is basically a 3 mana 3/5 and in arena will rock. The new 3 mana Sen’jin Shieldmasta. I think it might be good enough for a lot of constructed decks and against aggressive decks.


 The new paladin spell that sets a minion attack and health to 10. You can play a small minion with charge and Dinosize for the finishing move. You can do that with Anyfin Can Happen but i think this card is cycled out from standard. And this seems the new thing you might have to play late game spell.

Sherazin, Corpse Flower

 The Rogue legendary when it dies it becomes a bulb. You can revive it by playing 4 cards in a row. You can get ride of it by silence it or by transforming it. It is a pretty interesting card but is difficult to play it alone. I think if more cards with this effect will be released we can make an interesting deck. If you want to see the revival check here.

Swamp King Dred

 This is a pretty interesting card when we look at the stats and the mechanics. Auto attack mechanic was discussed on forums long time ago and i am glad that Blizzard introduced it now. A big minion only for 7 mana that doesn’t do nothing when played. This can end in both ways, if your opponent has a removal(spell or adapt minion) it can be a big blow but if it manages to survive it will be a pain in the ass for the other player. In arena where the removals are less this seems to be the winning card.

I know i have a lot more cards to talk about but more will come soon. Stay close !

Quake Champions Beta Sign up

Hello Quake fans. Bethesda and id Software are spoiling us with a bunch of trailers about the upcoming Quake Champions. The last one is Blood Covenant, this map is the old The Camping Grounds from Quake 3. You can sign up for the beta HERE .


In the beta version you can chose to play with 8 different champions on 2 arenas (Blood Covenant or Ruins of Sarnath). From the trailer you will certainly recognize the old guns from Quake 3 like: Railgun, Rocket Launcher or  Super Nailgun. The game is using id Tech 6 engine, the one from Doom. We should expect some extraordinary gameplay at 120 fps.

Here is the trailer from the Blood Covenant:

Middle-earth: Shadow of War release date and specs

The rumors are true, Middle-earth: Shadow of War will launch this year. The next Middle-earth game will have Talion and Celebrimbor working against Sauron. The game will use the new Nemesis system. Below i will tell you all the news about this game.

All we have until now is the the trailer and we can see a lot in there. For example, we can see some potential locations like a city of Men or the eerie green halls of Minas Morgul.

The game is set to go out on August 22, 2017 in the US and on August 25, 2017 in the UK. The action takes place between The Hobbit and The Fellowship of the Ring and you will face Souron himself. Off course you won’t defeat him for good but you will try to mess up his plans. The Nemesis system that gave birth to the first game is now improved and the world will be shaped by your actions. In other words all what you do will change the game, something like a butterfly effect.

The game is not out yet but we already know that it will have 2 DLCs: The Blade of Galadriel and The Desolation of Mordor. If you want to know how the gameplay will look like, take a look at the gameplay trailer and see for yourself. We were definitely impressed.

Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 TI specs and release date

Are you an owner of any Nvidia product? If yes I have a great news for you, but first let me introduce you the latest graphic board from Nvidia.

The new GeForce GTX 1080 TI is built with the Pascal architecture. What does this mean? It means that it includes 3.584 NVIDIA CUDA nucleus, it has 11GB buffer frames and it runs with 11Gbps.

It was tested on Ashes of the Singularity, The Division, Battlefield 1, Crysis 3 și Doom 4. The results were next: it is better with 35% that the previous GTX 1080 and with 78% than GTX 1070. That is pretty impressive in my opinion. This board is even better than NVIDIA TITAN X Pascal. If you want to read more about the specs click here.

It is time to tell you about the good news I was talking about. So Nvidia gives away 108 GeFroce GTX 1080 TI, all you have to do is to download GeFroce Experience 3.0 and register. To see if you are eligible to register go here.

Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080TI will be out on 10 March and will cost 699$.

Hearthstone expansion – Journey to Un’Goro

Hello friends, I am back again with a great news for you. The next Hearthstone expansion has just been announced and it is called Journey to Un’Goro. The Un’Goro is some kind of zone filled with elementals and dinosaurs. The expansion seems pretty interesting and we know already a few cards. The few cards were shown to us just to see and understand how the new mechanics are working.

First card revealed was Volcano. This is a Shaman boar clear card and should be pretty good against small and numerous minions, or minions that respawns. This seems like a fun card to play.

The second card revealed was Verdant Longneck. This is a beast card that introduces the new feature “Adapt”. This new features introduces the possibility to choose between 10 abilities (eg. windfury, divine shield etc.)

Pyros is the new Legendary Mage minions. His may ability is that it respawns and returns to your hand stronger. So we got a 2/2 then 6/6 and in the end a 10/10. This card might work in control decks. Another aspect of the card is that it is an Elemental card so we might be able to make an Elemental deck later and we surely will include this card too.


The most interesting card is the new quest card. Blizzard said that each class is going to have a quest card. These new type of card is a spell that cost 1 mana so you can play it early and complete the quest until the end. After you complete the quest you will be rewarded with a powerful card for example at priest you will get Amara, Warden of Hope that will set your hero’s health to 40. Seems pretty strong to me. I can’t wait to see the other classes rewards.

Journey to Un’Goro will be released early April just when the Year of the Mammoth will begin. Until then let’s watch the release trailer.

Injustice 2: Swamp Thing

Injustice 2 will be available on 16.05.2017 until then, to keep us entertained, the producers are revealing new characters. Latest revealed is Swamp Thing.

Injustice 2 will have a large collection of superheroes, from Batman, Superman to Atrocitus or Supergirl.

The game continues the story from the first game of the series. Here, Batman and his allies are trying to rebuild what was destroyed in the first part, but a new danger will appear.

The great improvement that the producers mad is the possibility to customize the characters. In game you will be rewarded with loot boxes that will allow you to change the aspect of your characters.

Until its launch you can preorder the game here