Gangstar New Orleans release date?

Gangstar: New Orleans is a game that was announced by Gameloft on 1st April last year. Everyone thought that was a joke, but the screenshots continue to appear and people become more and more interested. Now we have passed the launch date and we begin to wonder if it wasn’t a real joke. But no! Today we got the good news: Gangstar: New Orleans will be released in the Philippines.

This should be the best “open-world action-adventure” available on the market. You can drive hundreds of vehicles, shoot with a large number of arsenal, do whatever you like in the city to become a notorious criminal. Various missions will keep you busy every day and you won’t get bored. Brand new graphics and soundtrack was added to feel the city atmosphere. A new mode was added: Turf Wars. Here you can raid other players and defend your Turf.

The fun part is that you can customize your character to look like you or an imaginary “criminal you”.

I personally hope this will be the Gta Mobile game that I always wanted with better graphics and gameplay. Now we have to wait to be released worldwide, until then enjoy some gameplay.

Here is download link for ios users:
Update: Android download link: