Hearthstone – Year of the Mammoth

Hello friend. In Hearthstone 2017 represents the end of the Year of the Kraken and beginning of the year of the Mammoth. This year will bring new great things. We should expect some new content and a lot of new cards, new ways to play especially with friends and many more.

In 2017 approximatively 130 new cards will be added in the first expansion of the year, 130 in the middle and another 130 at the end. All the cards will have to be bought, so there is no reward. Sad news!

Another interesting mod will be the single player. This mod will help players understand the origin of different classes and know their story.

Daily login reward will be introduced to the game, so a few weeks before the release of the next expansion if you login to the game you get rewarded with gold, dust and cards. But remember this is until the expansion is out.

New hero will join the game. Maiev Shadowsong will be the new rogue hero. You can acquire the new hero just by winning 10 games after the expansion is out.

This is just a few things that the developers told us. More is to come so stay tuned!