Hearthstone expansion – Journey to Un’Goro

Hello friends, I am back again with a great news for you. The next Hearthstone expansion has just been announced and it is called Journey to Un’Goro. The Un’Goro is some kind of zone filled with elementals and dinosaurs. The expansion seems pretty interesting and we know already a few cards. The few cards were shown to us just to see and understand how the new mechanics are working.

First card revealed was Volcano. This is a Shaman boar clear card and should be pretty good against small and numerous minions, or minions that respawns. This seems like a fun card to play.

The second card revealed was Verdant Longneck. This is a beast card that introduces the new feature “Adapt”. This new features introduces the possibility to choose between 10 abilities (eg. windfury, divine shield etc.)

Pyros is the new Legendary Mage minions. His may ability is that it respawns and returns to your hand stronger. So we got a 2/2 then 6/6 and in the end a 10/10. This card might work in control decks. Another aspect of the card is that it is an Elemental card so we might be able to make an Elemental deck later and we surely will include this card too.


The most interesting card is the new quest card. Blizzard said that each class is going to have a quest card. These new type of card is a spell that cost 1 mana so you can play it early and complete the quest until the end. After you complete the quest you will be rewarded with a powerful card for example at priest you will get Amara, Warden of Hope that will set your hero’s health to 40. Seems pretty strong to me. I can’t wait to see the other classes rewards.

Journey to Un’Goro will be released early April just when the Year of the Mammoth will begin. Until then let’s watch the release trailer.