Mean Streets of Gadgetzan Neutral Legendary cards review

Hello folks, as you already know Mean Streets of Gadgetzan expansion will be released on early December. Almost all cards have been revealed until today, and we have a few interesting ones. Today i will try to make a short review for each Legendary. I will start with the neutral ones and continue with each class separately later these days.

Something like Stonetusk Boar, Patches the Pirate is literally a 0 mana 1/1 with charge as he jumps out of the deck each time you summon a pirate. This card will not make the pirate deck an awesome one but is a nice addition to the game. This card can be played on agro warrior, which already uses pirates. You just stick Patches the Pirate in there and occasionally you get a 1/1 on the board. Sometimes you get unlucky and you draw it early in the game, but if you don’t draw it is definitely powerful. In arena i think is bat, but it depends what you draw.

Finja, the Flying Star. A murloc ninja is a pretty good card. A five mana 2/4 is probably going to survive on the board because the stealth effect.How you get to kill a minion with the Finja? I am not entirely sure. This card is something like Murloc Knight but a bit more expensive. Here comes the question, what murloc cards you put in your deck?What do you want to get summoned? I expect this card to be played in Paladin Murloc deck, and hope after you kill a minion you get Bluegill Warrior or a Murloc Warleader. I dont know if this card in good after you play anyfin, but it depend of the other murlocs that are spawned.

Auctionmaster Beardo, a 3 mana 3/4 that after you cast a spell it refreshes your hero power, you can use it multiple times on your turn. I instantly thought at a combo with Jaraxus to get 2 Inferno on your turn. It may also be played with Nexus-Champion Saraad. Another good use of this card is to be played with warrior decks to tank up twice and gain up to 8 armor if you played Justicar Trueheart earlier. As a conclusion i think there are a few decks that could play this card. A 3 mana 3/4 is not as bad even if you don’t use his ability.

If you are tired of your Barnes pulling out a 1/1 Deathwing from your deck? The solution is called Madam Goya! For the price of a 6 mana you can swap any friendly minion on your boar with another one from your deck at random. Wouldn’t be nice to swap a 1/1 Murloc Tinyfin with Y’Shaarj Rage unbound and at the end of your turn Y’Shaarj to call another big minion? By filling your deck with big minions you increase the chances that Madam Goya to bring up a big one. You can also use this card to recycle important minions that you may want to play again. Let’s take an example: you bring back your Reno to play it again later. A good combo will be Madam Goya and Shadow Madness, you still the opponent’s minion and stays on your side.