After a long time, full of rumors and curious pictures, we now have the first trailer of the new Call of Duty WWII. Sledgehammer Games wants to get back in time and create a WWII game just like in the good days. Are they tired of modern weapons and space fights? Or they have seen the success Battlefield 1 had? We don’t know the answer. But one thing is sure, this year on 3 November the game will be released.

The game will take place on the well-known beach of Normandy on Z-Day and will feature more locations around the Europe. As we know and love we have another interesting storyline that will create bonds between you and your comrades.
A new feature is inserted in the game, co-op campaign. This means you can complete it with your friends. This should be fun, alongside with multiplayer battles and the famous “Zombie Mode”.
If you preorder it today, you get access to the beta version. You can do that on their official website.