If you remember last month I told you about the new Far Cry game. It was just rumors at that time, but now we have the official announcement. Far Cry 5 will be released on 27 February 2018.
I know it is a long time to wait, but we can’t do nothing about it. Let’s see what the game has to offer.
The action takes place in Hope County, a small city in Montana USA. Here an American cult took the control of the city and is terrorizing his citizens. The cult is led by Joseph Seed and his three acolytes. You will play the role of the sheriff and find yourself in hostile territory since the beginning. As we can see in the opening scene you will have to arrest Joseph but things are about to go crazy.
Good news is that you get to customize the appearance of the character. At start you get to choose, the gender, race and many more.
Like all the Far Cry games we get to play on this open world maps. This gives you the feeling that you can do whatever you want. You can tame wild animals or even fishing. That’s cool.
The map editor will let you create your very custom maps and share them.
The game has a co-op part. That means you will play all the story line with your friends.
That’s basically all the information about Far Cry 5 available right now. Oh, I almost forgot about system requirements. You can see them here and if you can’t run it yet, you still have time until next year for an upgrade.