Greetings From Gadgetzan – New Hearthstone expansion?

Hello friends and welcome back to deluxeastuce.

We found something interesting on Hearthstone’s Twitter account, a picture that may be the next expansion from Hearthstone.

Basically Gadjetzan is a place full of mechs and gnomes, should we expect more cards like this? Some say that it will be a pirate expansion some say it will be full of Naga and maybe Trolls.We will see…

Update 1: New images have come out from Blizzards’s box and this is the hints we can see:

The term “loan” is used so maybe we will see a new card mechanic.You can loan something(weapon,cards,spel,mana) to your opponent in return of something else(weapon,cards,spel,mana).

We should expect some cards with buildings, just like in the Karazan Adventure.

Sexy Dora.R, new Legendary card?


Update 2: New content revealed:

We should see some new spells like “drinks”, for each class that will bring healing or could bring effects that will last more than a turn.

Keep close, this post will be updated daily until November 4th when Blizzard will make the announcement.


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