Hello! Welcome! Bienvenue! One Night in Karazhan

Hello friends, this is the first post on this site. We are a fresh new team formed by 7 (5 men and 2 girls) ex members of important games sites. We will do our best to bring you the freshest news and rumors.

Today we bring you the latest expansion from Heartstone:Heroes of Warcraft named:  One Night in Karazhan. This expansion is the 4th expansion from Blizzard and is expected on 11th August.

After a few months of playing Whispers of the Old Gods players around the globe needed a change to the game , and this new expansion was received with delight. After the announcement Blizzard has revealed a few cards to keep the players breathless.Here are a few:

Enchanted Raven:

Kindly Grandmother

Prince Malchezaar

Firelands Portal

Ivory Knight

As you can see all cards are awesome. I personally can’t wait to play this new expansion.
We will add new cards as soon they are revealed so stay tuned.