Hey guys , how’s going?

I just concluded the Karazhan adventure with all his stuff and i just wanted to tell you my experience overall this new expansion. Overall the Karazhan adventure was a little disappointment, and i talk exclusively about the pvv part, because it was ridiculously easy. I think that Blizzard should really spend more time making things a little more difficult. Well at least in heroic mode, i personally love that mode, but no, everything is easy from head to toe. The first three wing were a little to easy compared to the last one in heroic mode who was a bit challenging for the most i suppose. The first boss in the 4th wing was Shade of Aran were we face Aran, something like Medivh’s dad who died a while ago and he’s like crawling around the Karazhan and basically his hero power is passive one who buffs the spell damage for each player.His deck is entirely spells, so if you play minions you’re going to lose them.So the way you wanna beat his is probably mage and play a lot of damage spells and if you get lucky at drows you’ll probably win.

Second boss was Netherspite, pretty cool boss, who got 2 beams and you gotta play minions on the both side.One side is with windfury and the other one with some kind of immunity. If you have nothing in those beams the boss will get buffed. It is a very unique encounter.The last wing is kind of challenging because you get to face Malchezaar prince again so you can free Medivh. You start this round by facing a random orc warrior with 15 health points. This is pretty easy to defeat in normal mode, but in heroic the things changes, he can summon 3/3 minions with charge, and she just goes face.So if somehow manage to defeat her and avoid her getting armor, in the same level you get to face the second boss, the prince Malchezaar. The first card he plays is Twisting Nether, who basically whips your entire board.My advice here is to play powerful deathrattle minions. Or another tactic is to play Kel’Thuzad and play ancestral spirit on it.

So basically that is what i want from these adventures is to be very hard, so i can design the decks specifically for each boss.Overall this was a pretty cool adventure.Below you have some gameplays from the last wing in heroic mode so you can make an opinion.