Knights of the Frozen Throne Card Reveal part 2

Today we continue our card reveal review of Knights of the Frozen Throne expansion. We have a few interesting cards for today:

Sindragosa is a mage class dragon that summons two Frozen Champions. Each Champion will add a random Legendary to your hand when it dies. Some will say that is a late game Prince Malchezaar but it is not. It’s way better, you’re getting resources for free with no down side. This is another card that has freeze synergy and we should expect more. If we look at the Frozen Champions we see the 0/1 stats which means that they can be steal by priests only with Cabal Shadow Priest. The deathrattle effect can be asociated with N’Zoth, the Corruptor or Spiritsinger Umbra. Being a 0/1 most adversaries will leave them alive on the table and is good for you to profit.

Blizzard said that won’t be a large number of lifesteal cards, but we have three until now and we expect more. This rogue card will give your weapon lifesteal. Not a very good card in my opinion. In most of the cases for two mana you will get 6 healing over 2 turns. Is a good initiative that they want to buff weapons on rogue class because the weapon is rogue’s identity. There are a lot of factors not to play this card: your weapon could get removed, you will need other cards to buff your weapon for the lifesteal to be effective(i don’t think you want to buff a 1/2 weapon) and i will stop here. I don’t know if it will work with Blade Flurry because in this case you could get a decent amount of health.


Ghastly Conjurer, a rare mage card that will add a Mirror Image to your hand when you play it. Another tool for the quest Mage, this card will obviously be played in this kind of decks.You could save a deck slot with this card. It may also work against aggressive decks by playing those taunts and give you time to reorganize. A good arena card in my opinion.

I like Hunter Legendary cards and i like this one also. Professor Putricide will put a secret from your deck into the battlefield for free. Sound good! We all know that hunter secrets are a real pain to guess. A real cool combo will be turn three and four, Cloaked Huntress and then Professor. Secret hunter will be a good choice now especially if we will get more secret cards.

Mountainfire Armor another card that will grow warrior’s armor. So basically what does this card do? If it is killed by your opponent you gain 6 armor, if you kill it yourself you get nothing. Interesting card but nothing special. We got a few awful cards so far and this one is above average. It might work well with N’Zoth on control warriors. Let’s not forget that you opponent will go for  damage with a face deck it won’t remove it and you won’t get any armor.

Nerubian Unraveler is a card that surely will annoy freeze Mages. But at 6 mana is it worth playing if it only affects your opponent? This is a different type of Loatheb especially if you keep it alive for more than a turn. It is not a Legendary and you can put two in your deck. This could be the pros. The bad parts also exist, for six mana you don’t get enough, is not aggressive and and it won’t help you if you don’t face a spell deck.

These were the cards for today. We will meet tomorrow for another round. Have a good day.