Knights of the Frozen Throne Card Reveal part 3

Another set of cards has been revealed thru different sites. Let’s see what we got this time.

Bring It On a very interesting warrior card. It could be awesome against Aggro decks, they already have low mana minions and their advantage won’t be so high. You could prepare a brawl on the next turn to kill all their minions. Another good play will be against quest hunters, all their one drops will cost zero and the quest won’t work. I don’t don’t if it will be good against control and combo decks since de -2 advantage will be high in my opinion.

Remember i told you yesterday we will get more cards that will interact with freeze synergy? Well we got another today: Coldwraith that will help you with a card draw. At the moment i think that Acolyte of Pain is way better for freeze mages.

More freeze on shaman. Voodoo Hexxer will work with Ice Breaker. A Freeze on damage minion having Taunt is huge in my opinion. Having 7 health it will be a real pain for your opponent to remove it, especially if the remaining minions will be frozen. So a big advantage against smaller decks.

I saw this card from the trailer and i was curious about its specs. Bearshark is a common hunter card that can’t be targeted by spells. It is a beast so it will have a good synergy with other hunter cards. If your opponent doesn’t manage to remove the card you will surely buff it next turn and will be a real advantage for you. Very annoying against mages i think. The bad part is that can’t be targeted with Dinomancy.

Hadronox is a sold card, it will bring back to life your taunt minions that died this game. This card won’t work with cards like Twilight Guardian, Druid of the Claw, Ancient of War. A combo with N’zoth will be a dream. So Hadronox will help you twice. The bad part is that you will have to center your entire deck around it.

An epic card with 6/7 for 7 mana seems decent especially if it gives you a random beast that died. Is it good for control hunter? Well it depends what will summon, if you are on turn 8 and you will get a Cute cat is a pure disaster. But if you get a Savannah Highmane is pure gold.

Fatespinner is the last card on the list for today. An epic druid card with two deathrattle for you to choose. I will wait to see if it will work with Fandral, because in this case the chosen deathrattle won’t be a secret anymore. This card basically lets you play a Hellfire if your opponent kills your minion or a mega-swipe if you will attack and deal 5 damage to an enemy minion. So much value for 5 mana. There are a few strong druid cards so far!