Knights of the Frozen Throne Card Reveal part 4

A new day more cards revealed. I start to get used with this kind of days. Do you? Let’s see what Blizzard has prepared for us today.

Bolvar Fireblood, a new paladin legendary card that you can buff it when a friendly minion loses divine shield. There are a lot to discuss about this card. For instance you will question yourself if this card is better than Blood Knight. So why should i play this?

I think Bonemare will have a huge impact in the Arena. We still don’t know for sure if it is a collectible card. We should wait for the expansion to go out and see.

Corpsetaker will be very good in constructet. This epic card will gain taunt,divine shield, lifesteal or windfury combined if your deck contains at least one card of that type. A good combination will be with al akir and it will cost only 4 mana. I think this should be a legendary card for sure.

Animated Berserker will represent the comeback of Grim Patron. It will only work with the first Patron not with the summoned one but it is still good. Two Patron for the price of one it worth. Anyway this card synergies with all the enrage cards out there and warrior it has a lot.

Another card for zoo decks. Sanguine Reveler will definitely have a place there. A good activator for Devilsaur Egg or Nerubian Egg that will leave you with a 3/3. Anyway if you are playing zoo you will most likely have a 1/1 on the board to interact with. Off course you could trigger a deathrattle with it.

Use Howling Commander to draw Tirion from your deck. At first sight this card look good because you could draw a specific card from your deck, and if you make your deck with only a few divine shield minions this could be useful in late game. If you play it a t the start of the game it will be a week card, 2/2 for 3 mana is very week and it will leave you with a high cost minion. But if you are playing a deck full of divine shield minions this could be useful especially with all this new cards that synergies with the shield.

I love hunter secrets and i know you love them too. Professor Putricide will surely be pleased to see this card. This card is definitely better than Bear Trap. Do not forget that this secret is activated only if one of your minions is attacked. Most of the hunter secrets are triggered if someone attacks your hero,so this card is more than welcome.