Knights of the Frozen Throne Card Reveal

Today we got the first cards from the Knights of the Frozen Throne expansion. Below i will try to discuss them a bit. Let’s see:

Plague Scientist is a rogue class card and in a combo will give another minion poisonous. I think this is a very good card for arena and not so good for constructed. It might go well with Knife Juggler as well as small minions in removing big ones. One thing is certain it will be an annoying card. Alongside with stealth this king of cards suits best for rogue.

Ice Breaker is a Shaman weapon that will kill any frozen minion. Is this card good? Does this means we will get more cards with freezing for Shaman? At the moment the card is really bad. You can’t combine with anything useful. But let’s wait to see if Blizzard will give us another cards and then let’s take a final decision.

Remember i told you about lifesteel in our previous article Knights of the Frozen Throne. Blood-Queen Lanathel is the second card with this ability. This warlock card will gain attack for each card you discarded earlier in the game. With the lifesteal ability your hero will gain health each time the card does damage. Warlock class definitely needs some help but this vampire card won’t be the help expected. Blizzard wants to promote discard decks even more? We will see how the community will react after more warlock cards will be revealed.

Another weapon for warrior? This Blood Razor will deal one damage to the board when you play it and well you end it. A weapon with whirlwind effect will surely help warrior mechanics. The easiest way is to combine it with sleep with the fishes. But with warrior we have a lot of combos. Tempo warrior will be great again!

Prince Taldaram, another interesting card that got revealed today. Is it good, is it bad, let’s see. This legendary card will clone one of your existing minions if your deck has no 3 cost cards in it. A good example of a good use is in a late game when you control a Malygos or a Prophet Velen you can clone it and still have 7 mana to play some damage spells. At the moment the card seems bad. But i think that we will see some good synergy for ti in the next weeks once other cards are revealed.