What do we know about Knights of the Frozen Throne

It is official Knights of the Frozen Throne is the next expansion for Hearthstone. The expansion is set for release in August and it brings some new stuff into the game’s mechanic alongside with 135 new cards.

Lifesteal mechanic

Lifesteal means that the amount of damage a card does to an opponent will transform into health for your hero. Basically you steal health. The sad news is that there won’t be many cards with this mechanic. Below is an example of a lifesteal card (Chillblade Champion):

Heroes change

All the heroes will change during this expansion. This will be possible thanks to a new card type that will allow you to put your heroes into your deck. This way all the heroes will transform into death knights. Each death knight will have a new hero power. Sound awesome? Have a look at the new Rexxar hero power and create a Zombeast (combination of two beasts stats): Rexxar Hero Power Simulator

The expansion will come as an adventure where you will play in different wing and defeat bosses. There are three wings and the final battle against The Lich King. We know only a few cards from the video presentation. More will be revealed after 24 July. Check below the cards revealed.

Remember, save your gold until the new expansion is out because you have higher chances of getting Legendary cards.