One year of Legacy of Discord Furious Wings

What a year we had playing Legacy of Discord! The stunning RPG has just turned one-year-old and it is time to celebrate. How? With some interesting updates.

Yoozoo Games has prepared some interesting changes. Let’s see what are they.

  1. Metamorph System: players will be able to transform into monsters on the battlefield. You won’t be able to use this feature unless you are level 55 or higher. But once you do it unique abilities will be available.
  2. Last Guardian mode: some kind of survival mode you will fight other players until there will be only one survivor. 20 minutes will last the mode.

This is all that we know for now. Once other news will appear we will update this post. If you haven’t play the game yet I recommend you do it. Here are the download links from Google Play, App Store or Amazon Store