I always loved Samsung products and when I saw this really nice accessory for my S8 I decided to buy it. Gear 360 in theory promises a lot. I will try to make a short review for you guys.
This funny gadget comes in a nice bag just like a sock. At first you might compare it with a toy, it is pretty small. The battery is incorporated in the handle so it won’t bother you because it really fits in your hand. The camera came with a small USB C cable and a 256GB micro sd. That’s all I found in the box. Let’s see what she can do.
As the name says 360 it means you can record videos at 360 degrees. The camera has 2 8.4 mp CMOS cameras. This doesn’t seem too much but those two cameras combined together are capable of 4k recording. You can connect it thru Bluetooth or wireless to your phone. I managed to connect it to both iPhone and Samsung. It was a bit hard to put the apk files on my phone but I finally managed.
The 360 Gear application is nice and simple. To pair the phone and the camera was also easy. I noticed there is a small delay between the phone and the camera but for me is not a problem. Overall the camera looks great, feels great and records great 4k videos. It has a lot of functions and the most important it is 360.More information you can find on Samsung page.
I hope you like my review and if you have any questions please leave them in comment section below.