At the launch of the new iPhone 7 we saw for the first time the gameplay of the new Super Mario Run.It was known that Apple and Nintendo were working together on this for a while. If you are an Apple user you have seen that you can subscribe in the Apple store to the game even it is not released and you will get notified whet in out. So we should expect its launch on iOS devices first rather than Android. Shigeru Miyamoto also said that Android devices varies so much they need much more time to make the game to run on all of them. Rumors said that we won’t see Super Mario Run on Android this year.

Super Mario Run will come as a free to play application on both stores, but the initial download will give access only to a limited part of the game, and you will have to pay to unlock the rest of the game.Let’s hope this is not true and we will enjoy the full game for free with normal in-app purchases.


Many Mario fans are worried about this translation from console to mobile.They are afraid the game it wont be like in the “good days” saying hat a Mario game with touch controls is nothing and it should remain on their original hardware. We will wait and see, until then let’s enjoy with the game play trailer of the game.