First game on the list is Far Cry 5. Yes you read it right, some rumors have running over the internet lately. I have gathered all of them and i will share them with you below.
The new Far Cry will take place in 19th century America, in a city called Hope County. According to some rumors this game should be out in September. In September we should also expect Red Dead Redemption 2. So, seems to be a real western fiasco! We have to wait and see.
Another game on the list is the next Assassins Creed game. Origins will be named and will be released late 2017. The action seem to take place in ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome. The player will be able to travel between all these locations as male or female. Will be the greatest Assassins Creed game?
The last game on the list is The Walking Dead, the game made by Overkill. I know the game has been announced in 2014 but 3 years have passed. We are in 2017 now and all we have is a small trailer that doesn’t tell much. Now the game has been delayed again for 2018. Overkill’s The Walking Dead is a classic shooter with survival horror inserts.

The E3 is coming fast and we should see if these rumors are true or not. Until then we have to dream nicely.