After the crazy period with the launch of the Un’Goro, things have settle up a little. Below I am going to show you a few things that might help you in your journey thru Un’Goro.
All famous streamers have made their own decks and i will show you some of the best ones.
Trump has made a really nice handlock deck you can see it here: Un’Goro Handlock 1.2
Amaz has also made a nice murloc quest deck: UNITE THE MURLOCS
The new priest deck from Thijsnl is great, check it here: UN’GORO INNER FIRE SILENCE PRIEST
This are just a few decks; you can inspire from them when you make your deck.

Secret words for managing your card collection

That is right, new words to enter in the search field. Do you have an extra golden card that you don’t want because you already have the normal ones? Just write “EXTRA” in the search field and you will see all the cards that matched the above criteria.
If you type “MISSING” the game will display you cards that you don’t have two copies.
Another cool trick that you probably didn’t knew is the eruption of the volcano from the Un’Goro gameboard. It turned out that there is a little secret on the latest gameboard, you can make the volcano erupt if you hit the exact combination of sounds. Check below to see how it works.

In the end I want to show you how you can win free card packs with Hearthstone Collegiate National Champs.

During the live finals of the event (22 and 23 April) you can choose a team that you think will win. If you are correct you can get three Mean Streets of Gadgetzan packs. If you are present at the event, you can get the Dalaran Flame card back just with your ticket.